About Me

About Me

Currently looking for internship or job in public relations or related fields.

meI am a graduate of California State University, Fresno with a B.A. in Mass Communication & Journalism-public relations option.

I am list-maker, a planner, goal-oriented, and a dreamer. Dabbling in writing, photography and crafting. The artsy-type, a creative, looking to FIND the bigger picture but remembering that the KEY is in the details.

Like a scientist, I experiment recipes in the kitchen– baking and cooking up new creations–hoping for a delicious discovery. Favorite dishes to cook: Ratatouille, Chipotle Chicken enchiladas and crock-pot lasagna. Baking: Pumpkin Coco-chip cookies, Red velvet cupcakes and anything chocolate.

Then to wrap up the portrait of me, don’t forget to add a little flair. Always adding something or doing something that make me unique, stand-out. A bow-tie bow wearing, bells around her wrists like bracelets, two belts neither in the loops, rings on every finger kind of girl. I just have to have that one piece, that one accessory that says WOW, BAM, ka-POW!  Usually those items are jewelry or shoes, my two favorite things to shop for. Need help finding a cute shoe, or a nice statement necklace to go with the LBD; I’m you girl!


Kimberly Sheard

Contact Me:
Email: kisheard@yahoo.com
Twitter: Follow @KimberJa9