Random Ramblings*


Today I literally ate the WORST, MOST DISGUSTING  YUCKY, ICKY, straight up GROSS-tasting grilled cheese sandwich at lunch. Okay maybe I’m being a bit over dramatic, there’s probably one worst somewhere….(I hope I never find it). But seriously the bread was sticking to the take-out box and the cheese tasted artificial, kind of like “Velveeta.” ( Velveeta is great, but only when its mixed with some real premium cheese).  Let me clarify this sandwich was not from a fast food, drive-thru window business  it was from the next step up–not a four-star restaurant  but somewhere in between. It’s like I’m paying $5-6  for this sandwich I expect it to be at least a decent sandwich, but no, it was GROSS.

I rambling sorry, the point is…WHY? Why did I eat ever last bit of that sandwich, even though it was not good.   I trying to become more conscious of what I eat, when I eat and how much I eat,  and yet I constantly scarf down food that’s not even tasty or should be eating in the first place.  I need to STOP this!  I’m open to suggestions and tips, help me, help you, help me… (if that makes sense)!

So I just created this step by step list of how to evaluate eating new things, or  when I stress eat.


Mental check list when your trying new foods: 

  1.  Decide, think, say out loud, ” This is gross (nasty, yucky, add disapproving adjective her)!”
  2. Offer suggestions, can I add a little salt/pepper, ketchup etc to it.    Yes? Add it, but not too much.  No? Then proceed to next step.
  3. Decide,think, say out loud, ” would anyone want to eat this?” (  Of course this is a rhetoric question; just ask yourself?)  If you think some at home–a roommate or family member, spouse etc. will eat it. Then SAVE IT FOR THEM. ( Hey Sis, I bought you this grilled cheese sandwich today. I know how much you love sandwiches. Here you go!)
  4. But if you don’t think anyone else will eat that nasty excuse for food, TOSS IT!  DO NOT Take ANOTHER BITE! Pour water on it, spit on it, ball it up, drop it on the ground, if that will deter you from eating it!  ( Tell yourself NO!, I don’t want this, it is nasty, gross and not worth the calories in my body. )
  5. Proceed to purchase something that you know you will like, or have tried and enjoyed before. Think of this as your second chance to pick something healthier. Something worth it, worth all  the calories, carbs etc.


New motto (RE: food) :  EAT WHAT YOU ENJOY, eat what you love, eat what tastes delicious, good, yummy in your tummy. Eat what makes you happy, eat what reminds you of good times,  eat what reminds you of home. But eat it all in MODERATION. 


*Note: This is just me rambling. Some portions of this post may or may not be relevant to you or your habits/lifestyle.  Take and apply what you deem to fit you. Thanks for reading 🙂


2 thoughts on “Random Ramblings*

  1. What a random post, yet I was very intrigued about your story & experience with this yucky grilled cheese sandwich! So maybe I missed it, but did you ever figured out why you ate the sandwich?
    I wish you luck with future sandwiches and next time do not eat something if it’s not yummy. Food is to be enjoyed!

  2. I ate it subconsciously. It’s like my brain knew that the sandwich wasn’t good, yet it was also hungry. I really don’t know…Ya I am definitely going to pay attention when my say out loud that something is nasty, to make sure I drop it.

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