Motocycle Diaper Cake (DIY)

So I went to a baby shower recently and at first I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to gift.  Of course I looked at the registry and saw all the normal things, but I wanted my gift to be special. Something that would standout against the rest–but not break the bank either.  Practical and cost-effective!  Then *light bulb* baby’s need lots, lots and LOTS of diapers! So, in the end I decided to make a diaper cake.

When I searched for instructions I saw lots of  princess-y, flower-y and girly cakes, but I needed one for a boy. Then, surprisingly   a cute motorcycle diaper cake appears on my computer screen and I think, “Man, they have really thought of everything!” For an extra affect, make sure you add sunglasses to your motorcycle-animal 8).

Now I know, I’m not the first person to think of doing this/I’m not claiming to be the “Creator of Diaper Cakes,”  “The Diaper Cake Queen” or anything like that. Just wanted to share with y’all the amazing thing I “built” and link to the instructions I used to create the “Motorcycle Diaper cake.” <—click there for instructions by and be sure to check out her blog  about Mommyhood.

Stay cool,  and “vroom, vroom!”

PS. Everyone at the shower LOVED it!



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