Jewelry (holder) frames

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, but I thought I’d share (er…show off and brag) my new jewelry (holder) frames. For months, I looked in awe at all the similar “frames” on Pinterest. And since I desperately need SOMETHING to organize my plethora  of  jewelry (I really must have an obsession with jewelry). I decided it was time I made this “frame!”

In case you interested in making your own, here’s a list of what you need:
picture frame ( any size/ any style)
Chicken wire ( enough to fit the frame)
staple gun
hooks ( maybe a drill)

(Note: if you decide to use a metal frame, you will need glue to add hooks to it)

To make:
1. Removing backing and any picture already existing in the frame.
2. Paint the frame (if you like)
3. Drill and screw in hooks in the position you desire.
4. Staple the chicken wire to the back off the frame. Cut any extras of the chicken wire.
5. Hang up on wall (or place on dresser), place jewelry, and enjoy!

If you looking for more examples and inspiration check out these blogs:
Camille Styles:
Cat on a Limb:
Peace, Love, Two Sisters:

I still may add some kind of background to it. I’ll update if I do.


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