Day 20: Me

Day 20: Me

Playing with bubbles (shadow

15 facts about me:

15. Sometimes I over analyze things.

14. I fight with my hair on a daily basis. Sometimes I want to shave it all off. (see Day 18: Hair)

13. I dance at random moments and have frequent laugh attacks leaving me with teary eyes.

12.  I love pineapple and corn, but don’t really like the color yellow.

11. I think treasure trolls are cute.

10.  I can memorize commercials and can tell you which one it is by just the music.

9. I love baseball (Oakland Athletics baseball, especially)

8. I can recognize people by there voices, without seeing their faces first.

7.   Sometimes I eat ice cream for breakfast.

6. Someone once nicknamed me, Mrs. Butterworth.

5. Sometimes I  still watch cartoons (90s NICK).

4. I have really, really bad eye-sight.

3. I love the smell of NEW pink erasers.

2. I have three dimples on my face, but the third only shows if I’m really cheesing it.

1.  I loves hot sauce/hot stuff. I put it on almost everything. Jalapeno eating contest, any one? Come on, someone challenge me. Bring it!


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