Day 18: hair

Day 18: Hair

Fake hair

Honestly, I could write a whole book about hair. My love-hate relationship with my hair, and how it seems to hold great importance in the  “African-American/black” culture.

There are days when I can style my hair easily, but more than often, I have bad hair days. Days when I put on my favorite orange (brown and beige) beanie and don’t even try to do my hair.  I swear, my hair has a mind of its own and its in an everlasting battle against me.  There are times when I want to cut my hair and wear wigs. Which seems so much easier to deal with, but won’t it look so fake (and will that matter)?

With the African American/ black culture, most people already assume it’s all fake hair. Weaves, extensions, wigs, blue hair, blonde hair, long or short; people without hesitation ask “Is that your hair?” Shocked when it’s real.

Now, I have done a lot of things to my hair, and I’m sick of even bothering with it. So in my last attempt to find a way to “easily manage” my hair, I am going to cut it short, really short.

If that doesn’t work, well, I’ll be wearing wigs.


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