Day 9: Stranger

Day 9: Stranger
(for 4/9/2012)

As in “Pirates of the Caribbean: On STRANGER Tides.” I really (times infinity) enjoy watching the POC movies. If you could only have seen my face when they announced this movie’s release in 2011. Not sure if  I love the movies because it would be cool to be a pirate or  because I’m a fan of Johnny Deep. Either way, I can watch the POC movies a million times and not get bored.  My former roommate(s)easily became annoyed after realizing that I can recite the second movie (Dead Man’s Chest) word for word. And yes, CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow is my favorite character, savvy.

*So I was going to take a picture of a person I didn’t know (aka a stranger), but then I began to wonder if I was crossing barriers between another person’s privacy. I feel it might be somewhat wrong to broadcast someones picture on the internet without their consent. It’s an invasion of their personal privacy.

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