Day 8: Bottle

Day 8: Bottle



I always thought it would be really cool to write a note, put it in a bottle and then send it out to sea. There’s something amazing and mysterious about it. You never know where its going to go, whose going to get the message or when? But I guess with today’s technology you’d probably be able to put a tracking device on it. What would I write? Maybe something like:

Hi, there. I’m writing to you from California, and its April 2012. Right now I’m staring at clouds shaped like (…) and I can hear the birds chirping a song. I really wish I was laying in a hammock with an ice-cold lemonade. What are doing? Where are you? May you have the best of luck. Please respond. Signed, Kimberly.
(or something like that)

What would you write?

( For 4/8/12)


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