Day 5: Tiny

Day 5: Tiny

<—————————-check out this ant.

My mini rant about Ants:

I am scared of ants. I don’t like them at all. People ask me, ” Why are so scared of them? They are so tiny and can’t hurt you.” Red ants bite! They just don’t know.  But it’s what I hate the most. Ants are so small; they can get anywhere, through any crack, any hole. Once you see one, there are more to follow. Ants ruin your picnic, invade your house when it rains and try to steal your sugary stuff. What are they good for? Why do we need them?

Please, someone tell me? What do ants offer our environment?


One thought on “Day 5: Tiny

  1. I am also afraid of ants.. it doesn’t matter what size they are. I was bitten by a red ant as a small kid and ever since I have had a fear of them. A phobia, even…

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