Day 3: Mail

Day 3: Mail

Do you have an overflowing “mail corner” like this? Let’s pretend that this is all the mail we have stacked up (and that we don’t have mail stuffed in drawers and cabinets all over the house).  Let’s take this one day at a time. We NEED to organize this “mail mayhem,” “Communication Clutter,” and  “plethora of post mail”.  But how? (If you don’t have a mess of mail, but still want to learn about a way to organize you mail, skip to Part B).

Part A:  DIVIDE & CONQUER  ( mountains of mail)

1. Gather these items:
File Box (or file cabinet)
file folders
Trash bag
pen/ labels

2. Label file folders as: Important documents, passed/paid bills, photo/grad announcement etc. (adjust labels or add more if need)

3. Take a handful of overflowing mail (not 5 pieces or 10, more like 50 pieces)

4. Look through mail and separate according to type of mail.  Paid bill to keep, put it in the labeled folder. If it is an important document that you don’t want to keep, shred it NOW! Not important and want to get rid of it, trash it.  A Photo, or graduation announcement, file it or put it in a photo album.

5.  Continue until you’ve reached at least 50 individual pieces of mail.

6. Repeat at least once a week. Of course if you  “divide & conquer” more often,  soon you will be clutter free.
7. To avoid adding to your mountain of mail, simultaneously use Part B (below).

Part B: Organization is key

1. Gather these items:
Stacking desk trays (or a similar product)

2. Write on labels: (1) Pay Me, (2) File Me, (3) Reply, (4) Misc. (change label names if you desire) Stick one label on each file.

3. Each day when you get the mail, place it in the corresponding tray. * NOTE: if it is junk mail, throw it in the garbage can NOW.

4. Pick a day ( preferably Sunday)  to go through your mail. Pay bills, respond to letters, and file important documents.
On Monday, you will have empty trays again.  Yeah!

If your mail has gone mad, hopefully my suggestions help.  Good luck organizing and say goodbye to your “mountain of mail.”


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