(Day 27) Bubble Print More small art pieces

Bubbles, bubbles, my bubbles!

While browsing Pinterest I came across a link to the “Art is Basic” blog. Regardless that this blog is targeted towards elementary grade, it reminded me that even simple things like  bubbles and food coloring make great art.  Here’s the  Bubble Print Art tutorial by  Marcia Beckett. Thank, Marcia.

Bubble prints by Marcia Beckett via "Art is Basic"

All you need is  bubbles (soapy water), a bubble wand (or straw), food coloring and paper!

Even though I am 22 y.o. I had fun making my bubble prints, but that could just be because I love BUBBLES! (I’m a little weird, I know)

Like the small art pieces with fruit netting I did a few days ago,  these can pieces can be framed, used for cards,  and scrapbooking.

So whether your  5 or 25  years old, you can still have fun with bubbles and make some awesome looking art!

My Bubble art prints

My bubble print 2



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