(Day 26) Book wallet?

I am in love with these purses that people make using hardcover books! Here is my honest try to recreate it.  I intended it to be a wallet, but its bigger than the average one.

I had the hardest time getting the pages and binding out. It was a pretty old book. I’m guessing books that were made twenty-so years ago, were better quality than those make nowadays.

Here’s my inspiration:  Book bag via Countryliving.com 

Thanks to Country Living for posting a tutorial (that I should have followed).

Anyways all who are reading this, please don’t make up the steps as you go like I did. Follow the directions!  There are many, many examples and tutorials just search ” book purse” in your search engine.  I’m not even going to list my steps, because I don’t even remember what I did.

Here’s my book wallet—er—book purse? Book something….


I love the artwork on the cover. The book was a poems and rhymes book for kids. Fun pictures always come from kids books. I would love to make one out of a Dr. Seuss book.  Most likely I will try to make this again, but this time follow the directions.



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