(Day 23) T-shirt redesign-part 1

Digging through my dresser, I found an t-shirt (that’s no surprise) that I had previously cut up. However, I felt it needed an update.

Here’s what you need:
A t-shirt (somewhat loose-fitting; no v-neck)

Checkout this video to learn how to do the basic weave. Thanks to Salinabear for the video tutorial.

Here’s what you do:
1. Cut of the bottom hem and the neck hem (if need)
2. From the top of the sleeve cut about 1 inch in towards the armpit of the shirt. Do  this to both sides
3. Carefully stretch out the stripes (if any, make sure not rip the seams. If you do just tie them back together) Do this to both sides
4. The weave the strips. (see video)
5. Use the hem (that was previously cut off), put the sleeves to the back to create a tank top.
6. Fold the shirt in half  ( so that the arms are together).  These slit will be in the front of the shirt. Cut slits, starting at about 1 inch from the top, at different lengths. It doesn’t have to be in a straight line either. You can curve if you like.
7 Carefully stretch out the slits.
8.  Then weave the strips from the top down. When you get to the bottom. Cut the loop and tie them together. (see video to learn how to weave).
Here’s my shirt:

Front of shirt (ignore my sister’s the polka dot pjs)

Shoulder detail

Back (ignore my sister’s polka dot pjs again)

Check out other videos by Salinabear to see some more t-shirt cutting/weaving techniques.


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