(Day 22): Broken plate magnets

Broken Plate Magnets

Plates, plates and more plates.  I had left-over pieces from when I made the “Broken plate earrings,” so I decided to make fridge magnets.  I painted some, stamped  one, and left some plain.

 Here’s what you need:
a small ceramic plate
paper bag
paint/paint brushes (optional)
stamps (optional)
circular magnets (with sticky foam adhesive on one side)

What to do:

1. Place the plate in the paper bag. Then roll it closed
2. Break up the plate with the hammer (this is a great stress reliever)
3. using sand paper, sand down the sides and back of the ceramic pieces
4. paint, stamp or add glitter the pieces (if you want) or leave them plain  and let dry
5. Attach the magnets to the back of the ceramic pieces, glue them on if needed.
6. Put them on your fridge 🙂

*note: I need to find some glitter ( I really want to glitter some)!


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