(Day 21) Broken plate earrings

Recently, I posted about using my parents’ old plates to make  a cake stands.  Here’s another way to use plates instead of discarding them.

Broken Plate Earrings

The plate I used had a nice floral design that I thought would look interesting as ear wear.

Here’s what you need:

A small ceramic plate
paper bag
all-purpose adhesive
earring studs

Here’s what  you do:

1. Place the plate in the paper bag. Then roll it closed
2. Break up the plate with the hammer (this is a great stress reliever)
3. Carefully take out two small pieces of the broken plate ( no bigger than a 1 inch)
4.  sand down the sides and back of the pieces (so it’s even and to soften edges)
5. glue the earing base to the back of the 2 sanded down pieces and let dry.

Check them out:


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