(Day 20) Button stud earrings

I’m jumping on the “button bandwagon,” with these (simple to make) cute button stud earrings. This is a cheap (almost dollar store), quick craft that can be personalized  to fit your style.

Here’s what you need:
2 buttons
earring studs ( available at any craft store, about $1-$2 for 16 studs)
glue (all-purpose adhesive)

Here’s what you do:
1. Add glue to the earring stud base and stick it to back of the button.
2.  Add sticky rhinestones ( I used nail decal ones) or glitter if you like
3. Let dry.

Showing some button love and all my inspiration.  Check it out:

Retro button necklace from "Buatkalunggelang" blog

button mirror

Also check out “Busted Button”  to see some awesome button art. This woman does some amazing things with buttons!

Babble: the new hom ec.” button craft roundup, links to all kind of button crafts!

Button Necklace from via marthastewart.com

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