(Day 19) Dirty or Clean Dishwasher magnet

Clean or Dirty Dishwasher magnet

If I had a dime for every time (someone came into the kitchen) asked if the dishes in the dishwasher were clean or dirty…  I’d have so much money.

So to save my family some time and/or confusion, I decided to make a magnet that would signify if the dishes were clean or dirty.

I used:

an old (Party favor) tin (or a jar lid)
a magnet
construction paper

Here’s what I did:

I stickered the words “clean” and “dirty” to the top of the tin
Glued construction paper to the back of the tin for background.
Then glued the magnet on the back.

So here is my beautiful Dishwasher magnet:

After I completed this craft (which took literally 5 mins)  I tried to “stick it” on but… my dishwasher was plastic!

Not even the least bit magnetic…so yeah, that’s a big fail.  I’ll still use it on the fridge. Hopefully it will still be effective.


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