(Day 18) Old Plates to “Cake Stands”

Old Plates to “Cake Stands”

For weeks my parents wanted to get new plates (cups & glasses too) and now they finally bought some new ones. But what about the old plates? Of course I  asked if I could have them. Using a few of these “intended to be discarded” plates I make two cake stands.

Inspired by Kathy at the  “Mish Mash Mom” blog, who noted the easiness of turning plates into cakes stands that could be used on all occasions. Make sure to check out her tutorial and blog. Thanks, Kathy.   Here are her “cake plates:”

    All you need are a few plates, glue specified for glass and  ceramics and a candlestick (or similar item).

Here’s what you do:

1. Add glue to the top of the smaller end of the candlestick

2. Turn the plate over and glue the candlestick to the center of the plate (back)

3. If you want to make a tiered cake stand (Like the ones seen in the “Mish Mash Mom” picture),  also glue another candlestick to the center of the front of the plate.  Then add a plate on top of the second candlestick.

4. Let dry for at least 24 hours.

That’s it.  The only thing left to do, is bake a cake, cookies, or whatever you like to display on your newly (recycled)  stands.

Check out my cake stands. The tiered one seems perfect for cupcakes or tea cakes.  Now, what kind of cake should I bake, Chocolate?


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