(Day 16) Wired bracelet

Live, Laugh, Love.

A recent DIY post on “The Lovely Dept” blog, inspired me to make a ( I actually make 3) wired word bracelet.  Here’s a picture of Rachelle’s “Wired Love Bracelet.”  Make sure to check out her tutorial to see how to make a wired word bracelet. Thanks, Rachelle.

I followed her tutorial,  and added the words “live” and “laugh,” to create the cliché yet, important words to live by. “Live, laugh, love.”

All you need is craft wire, embroidery thread and pliers.  So go ahead and make your own. Pick a word, any word and wire it!

Check out my bracelets 🙂


One thought on “(Day 16) Wired bracelet

  1. Hi Kimberly! I LOVE how you customized my tutorial and made your own words! They turned out great! Your blog is a wonderful project (I, too, still feel stuck in that waiting period from time to time, even though I graduated at the beginning of 2010, ha). Good luck with everything in the future, and I can’t wait to follow along with the rest of your crafting adventures!

    ❤ Rachelle

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