(Day 14): “Splatter-Dyed” Bow from fabric scraps (Hair)

Woo hoo it’s March! For those of you who don’t know it’s National Craft Month (and Women’s History month)! For the next 30 days I will be crafting, and blogging about it. I will show you my inspiration (with links to the original) and my version, changes etc.  Happy crafting!

“Splatter-Dyed” Bow (Hair accessory)

Another bow inspired DIY, why not (didn’t I tell you I loved them). Using more scrapes left over from the T-shirt scarf (originally a splattered tie-dye shirt) and a bobby pin I made this bow hair accessory. Don’t you just love the splattering?

Here’s What you need:

1 fabric piece ( about the size of a common index card)
1 skinny, long “string” piece of fabric (again I used the left over hem)
1 bobby pin
sewing machine

Here’s what you do:

1. Fold the index card sized fabric together (hamburger style) wrong sides together (inside out)
2. Sew along all sides but leave a hole (about 1 inch) for the next step
3. Pull the fabric through the hole ( so its right side out)
4. You should now see the side that you want to display
5. Sew the hole closed
6. Squish the middle of the sewn piece to create a bow-shape
7. While holding the bow in place, wrap the skinny piece of fabric around it
8. Tie the ends to the back of the bow to hold the bow-shape together (double knot it)
9. Slide the bobby pin thought the knot in the back of the bow; adjust
10. Bobby pin it to your hair and enjoy 🙂

That’s it. Now you’ll have your own DIY Bow-Hair accessory!


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