(Day 13): T-shirt wristlet w/ bottle cap decor (mini purse)

Woo hoo it’s March! For those of you who don’t know it’s National Craft Month (and Women’s History month)! For the next 30 days I will be crafting, and blogging about it. I will show you my inspiration (with links to the original) and my version, changes etc.  Happy crafting!

T-shirt Wristlet w/ bottle cap decor

Like many of you, I have drawers full of t-shirts. Some of them are from high school, even  middle school. These are old shirts that I never really wear and take up valuable space in my dresser. Instead of throwing it away, I am trying to find new ways to use them.  

 This Puff Pin cushion/scrap bag from Awaiting Ada is my inspiration for this craft. I know its intended to be a pin cushion/scrap bag, but I liked the way she made the “bag” part. I borrowed her technique to make my wristlet.   Thanks, for the inspiration/tutorial. Oh and if you’re looking to make a cute scrap bag, be sure to follow her tutorial.

 Instead of using fat quarters, I used one of my many t-shirts(mentioned above).

 Tip: Always press (iron) fabrics/ t-shirts before you cut it.  This makes it SO much easier to cut. Especially if aren’t the best cutter in the world ( like me).


 So you can get a better idea of how I turned the inspiration scrap bag into a wristlet, below is the wrislet I made:

What you need:

Bottle caps ( you could also use buttons, or soda caps)
A large needle  or nai
a sewing machine
hammer or heavy metal object (I used an ice cream scooper)
a hand sewing needle
thread the same color as the t-shirt

Steps to make it:
1. Lay out the t-shirt. Cut off the bottom hem and under the arm pits. You should now have a tube ( the bottom part of the shirt)
2. Cut out a 8 by 8 inch square (approx.). You should have two 8 by 8 pieces.
3. Fold  each of the raw edges (only the shorter sides) of each fabric  in about 1/2 inch toward the wrong side of the fabric
4. Sew with a straight stitch.
5.  Fold each square in half, right sides (hamburger style)  and stitch each piece along the shorter edges. Trim of the corners a little (make sure not to make a hole)
6. Place the two pieces ( they now should look like little pockets) end to end. Then sew the bottom corners together.
7. Pull up the “pocket” piece you want to be the front over the other. Stitch the top corners so that inner piece stay in place.
8. cut a strip off of the left over t-shirt and stretch it so it curls.
9. Wrap the strip into a loop and stitch the ends to the inside top corner of the bag.
10. Now to decorate it. Hand stitch buttons or bottle caps in what ever pattern you desire.
Tip: To add holes to the bottle caps,use a heavy needle (or a nail) and lightly hammer (I used an ice cream scooper) a hole through the front of the bottle cap.

This is the perfect little bag to take when I go out  and don’t want to carry a big purse. Although I may have to add a few pieces of velcro for closures. I haven’t mastered sewing on a zipper yet! But feel free to add a zipper to the top if you know how to.

Have fun upcycling an old t-shirt and recycling some bottle caps!





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