(Day 11): Bow Ring-no sewing required (fabric scraps)

Woo hoo it’s March! For those of you who don’t know it’s National Craft Month (and Women’s History month)! For the next 30 days I will be crafting, and blogging about it. I will show you my inspiration (with links to the original) and my version, changes etc.  Happy crafting!

Bow Ring: No Sewing Required

Most people who know me, could tell you in a heartbeat that I have a thing for BOWS! I think I’m obsessed and I’m not kidding.  I’ve seen a few bow rings and figured I could make DIY version.  Here is my inspiration from Maya at “The Girl Next Dior” blog:
She used a hair tie for the ring-base. Hair ties are quick and easy substitution for elastic rings etc. I didn’t have any hair ties (I have short hair) and this is a no-sew DIY, so I decided not to use a hair tie. Visit “The Girl Next Dior” tutorial to see how she made her bow ring. Thanks Maya for the inspiration.

Before I show you the steps on how I made my bow ring,  must tell you that I used fabric scraps. So always SAVE your fabric scraps. Or if you’re like me, you keep almost everything (borderline hoarder status!)

I used the scrapes from the T-shirt Scarf I made (The sleeves to the neckline, and the bottom hem were left-overs). The T-shirt was originally  a splattered tie dye shirt. Here are the steps a no-sew bow ring.

What you need:
1 small rectangle of fabric ( about 2 inches by 4 inches)
1 skinny, long rectangle piece of fabric (I used the hem of the T-shirt mentioned above)
a finger (your’s or a friend’s)

Here’s what you do:
1. Fold the small rectangle of fabric in half ( hamburger style)
2. Put the folded piece on the longer skinny fabric (if you’re using t-shirt material stretch it first, so it curls)
3. Take the ends of the long skinny piece and tie it around the folded piece ( This will squish the folded piece to look like a bow)
4. You should now have a bow and behind it (where you tied) you should have two ends hanging.
5. Take the ends and tie it around your desired finger (or a friend’s) double-knot it!
6. Cut off the excess ends. If the actual “bow” part is too large for your specific taste, trim it.
7. Stretch it a little (gently) so it will be easy to slide off and on
8. Wear it tomorrow, and the next day, and whenever you want to!

Check out my No-Sew Bow Ring:


*Any questions on the instructions, don’t hesitate to ask.








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