Day 7: Tissue paper “pom poms” tree

I browsed the web and Pinterest to find cool craft to do today.I knew that I wanted to do some type of paper craft. I also wanted to use some of the sticks I collected the other day. Then it hit me, I got an idea. Pinterest’s DIY board was covered with tutorials about easter “trees, thankful “trees” etc. Basically sticks bunched together into a vase (immating a tree) and decorated with paper leaves, eggs or quotes etc. Here are a few examples:

Pinned Image

Bird Tree Via Martha Stewart

Click Here

Pinned Image

The Thankful Tree via SimplyVintageGirl

(Source: Martha Bird Tree; SimplyVintageGirl Thankful Tree)

With my idea I used Martha’s Pom Poms tutorial to create little flowers. The attached them to the sticks using bendable wire. My final result turned out great. I even fooled my dad–he thought the flowers were real and not tissue paper.  I still may add some paper leaves, but not sure yet.  Check it out:


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