Day 5: Denim Jean Coaster(s)

Woo hoo it’s March! For those of you who don’t know it’s National Craft Month (and Women’s History month)! For the next 30 days I will be crafting, and blogging about it. I will show you my inspiration (with links to the original) and my version, changes etc.  Happy crafting!

Denim Jean Coaster

Don’t throw away those ripped old jeans, REUSE them! After seeing this craft on the My Recycled Bags blog, I knew I had to make some. Surprisingly I didn’t change a thing. So this was more of a copy craft. Cut of the hems of a pair a jeans. Roll and glue the hems together. I think this will awesome with colored jean hems. Here’s the orignal Denim Jean Coasters:


The only issues I had with this craft was the cutting the hems. I didn’t cut them so straight. But I still feel the final coaster came out great.

Note: In my case, (maybe I made my coasters to big) 1 jean hems = 1 coaster. Here is my Denim Jean Coasters:


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