Cheers to taking on new challenges: 30-days

So I had this dream. The main topic of the dream is irrelavant. However in this dream I regularly blogged. It sounds funny I know, and probably only few people dream about blogging. Anyways, throughout this dream (which several months passed throughout in the dream) I took on 30- day challenges and blogged about it.  After thinking it over, I think I will do this. I will take on 30-day challenges and conquer them.

So cheers to ideas we dream up and cheers to pursuing them for real. Here are so possible 30-day challenges I will try:

“Photo-Journalism”: Take one photo a day and use it to inspire me to  write something ( a poem, story or paragraph) about it

Real Talk: video/audio blogging interviews with professionals, family, people who survived or lived though historical events, etc.. A new person everyday

Crafting/ T- shirt up-cycling:  posting a how to guide a day about different crafts or ways to reuse/up-cycle T-shirts (pictures included)

Cooking, baking, eating: a post a day about things recipes I tried, new places/ favorite places to eat, and eating atmospheres

It’s probably smart to start at the beginning of the month so I probably won’t start until March. But who knows I may get excited and start early.

But until then, I’ll probably just fix up my blog appearace and such.


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