My excuse: Life got in the way

Voicing to the massesSo my last post stated that I was going to post every day. I would write everyday to build my skills, so that I could write my novel.  Oops, that hasn’t happened.

So instead of erasing that post and pretending it doesn’t exist, I am going to own up to my mistake. I’m not going to lie, its hard for me to just start blogging. Nonetheless, blog everyday. I love writing and I kept a journal when I was younger, but there’s something about blogging that makes me hesitant.  Maybe its the fact that people, random or friends, will read it. But that’s the point isn’t it, to get people to read the blog. To gain an audience, to voice your opinion. I guess I’m just scared. Scared that people will not like what I have to say, or furthermore that no one will care enough to even read it in the first place. I fear disapproval, rejection, someone stating that my opinions and blog are irrelevant, stupid and naive.

On the other hand, I steady make excuses that I have nothing to write about. Because blogs have to have a niche, a specific topic, or a focus. I would love to just blog about everything, anything that’s prevalent in my life. However, I doubt anyone would want to read  a blog about my life. What would be in it for them and why would they care? I’m not a celebrity, no person of interest, no doctor of this or that.  I’m  not a public figure, or a person that SHOULD be listened to. What I do or how I think, would make no difference to the average Joe or Jane.

So why blog? What would be the purpose, if not to gain an audience. If not to try to teach, inform, persuade people, or even just one person, SOMETHING.  Why blog?  The only other option is to keep a private journal, imprisoning my “voice” to a pen and paper. I  am just one girl,–er, young woman– and like everyone else I have a “voice,” with something to say, something to teach, inform or persuade the world about. And the only problem is, what? What is IT? What do I want to say, tell, teach? What does this female, African american, 20- something, college graduate from an average city in California have to say to the world? Why will it matter, who will read it, who will care?

I guess only time will tell. Whenever, I stop letting my excuses and life get in the way. When I start blogging continuously. When I figure out  what I want to blog about.

( Note to whomever reads: Thanks, sorry for rambling  and somewhat changing the topic. Oh, I still promise to write that novel, memoir, or whatever. Just wait, there will be a book out there with my name on it, in due time, you’ll see!)


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