NaNoWriMo….next Nov. I promise.

For years I have stated that in November, I’m going to jump in on the National Novel Writing month and write a novel. Then November starts, Thanksgiving comes and goes, and I think, “oh darn, its national novel-writing month. Missed it again. Next year, in November I’ll do it, I promise.

Today I decided after researching and reading about this mega writing challenge, why wait. Why put it off until next year, especially since I know that I’ll be high off Thanksgiving turkey and suddenly remember my novel-writing adventure.

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to write. Maybe not a novel, but use, but maybe paragraphs. This will push me to write, utilize my blog and, get ideas for my novel. Or maybe I’ll end up writing a  memoir. I guess will just see. Today I plan. Tomorrow I write. And next november I’ll write my novel, I promise.


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